MeHello and welcome to my makeshift portfolio. Like most designers and developers, I also have the usual habit of working on other people’s websites rather than my own. This site is actually a starter site for a client who has a group of wine domains. It was made with Divi.

On this page, I have put up some recent items for you to see, with short descriptions. Click on the screenshots to visit.



McDonald Marketing International

A WordPress site that uses the Specular theme and has a revolution slider.

I edited the text provided by the client, and wrote some content as well.

I designed the entire site myself, and continue to maintain it.

Iodine Products, Inc.

A WordPress site that uses the Shoper WooCommerce theme and has recently moved from Shopify.

It’s new, clear and simple, and it’s already¬† getting orders. I am currently looking into implementing Wish to increase sales.

I created the graphics for the site, and edited the product photos, some of which actually just need new photos. I will push this issue if the client decides to add Wish. A good part of my job is being a consultant. : )

Celtic Renovation Services

A WordPress site with a child theme and a lot of custom css.

Coast-to-Coast Realty

A starter WordPress site for a realty company.

My Older Portfolio

It’s a simple page; just html & php.

A lot of the sites and designs are locally hosted, so click on the links to view more detail.

Thanks for visiting!